Herb Garden

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Our herb garden is beautifully made using high quality timber, it has been designed with a proper drainage system so the excess water drains away. The inside is painted with a protective waterproof paint and it is sealed so the timber won’t rot.
Its been designed to sit alongside any of our Mud Kitchen models. It is a very heavy and substantial piece of furniture, individually hand crafted in the UK and built to last.
The whole family or class can share the joy of gardening. Herbs are a great introduction to children as to where food comes from. This planter can also be used for growing fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes and strawberries.
Alongside all the benefits of playing with mud as featured on our website, gardening is a healthy fun activity for children that help develop new skills and understanding of science and the world. Most children enjoy being outdoors and love digging in the soil, nurturing the plants and herbs and watching them grow.

Herbs, shingle and soil are not included

52cm high

50cm depth

100cm wide