About Us

Inspiration for Mud Kitchens:

Natalie a nanny for the past 20 years asked her partner Joel a landscape gardener to design and create a safe and practical space for a little girl she was looking after to make her mud pies. So after a few too many incidents with mud and snails in her saucepans, Mud Kitchens was born.

Also as new parents to their son Luca, they saw the hours of messy play and fun he spent at home playing with his mud kitchen.
“Because every child should make mud pies”

Mud Kitchens create kitchens that let kids imaginations run wild.

London; May 2015: Mud Kitchens was created to provide children with the tools to have fun with the old tradition of making mud pies.  We are the leading business in designing and making Mud Kitchens; our Kitchens are a contained, beautifully crafted and practical area for children to get back to nature. Built from outdoor quality treated timber our kitchens are built to last.

Messy play is key to a child’s development, our kitchens let children get back to basics providing a place where they can have fun, use their imagination and get their hands dirty in a safe environment.

Mud Kitchen is based on traditional play when an old pot and a stick were used by children to create their muddy concoctions. Our kitchens are all individually hand crafted using responsibly sourced timber.

Joel founder of Mud Kitchens said: “Our ambition for mud kitchen is simple – we want to inspire children and give them the opportunity to have fun with nature; every child should at some point make a mud pie.  We want mud kitchen to provide that space in every garden, alongside the swing and playhouse we want our Mud Kitchen to be a garden staple”.

We have a whole range of kitchens that are suitable for private family homes and in early learning settings.

Standard size kitchens start at  £180
Width 70cm
Height 92cm
Depth 50cm
W/surface 52cm

Nursery size kitchens start at £409
Width 119cm
Height 92cm
Depth 50cm
W/surface 52cm

All the kitchens are hand built and come fully assembled, prices include, personalisation and a selection of utensils

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