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Best Mud Kitchen Ingredients

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Mud is obviously a favourite ingredient for children of all ages to explore in one of our kitchens, however there are plenty of other exciting and wonderful ingredients.  If you have younger children or are a little nervous of mud play yourself, here are some other things you can use to set up some fun invitations to play.

Water is always a winner. Most toddlers love to splash, pour, and stir water.  you can add warm water in the winter months to thaw little fingers and cold-water play in the summer to cool off.  H2O can easily be coloured for some extra fun, or water beads, bubbles or glitter added to keep things interesting.  Ice cubes can add an extra dimension, why not try freezing some flowers or small toys? Children can melt them or chip away the ice.

Another favourite ingredient in a play kitchen are flowers, making petal perfume is a childhood rite of passage.  So don’t throw out your wilted bouquet let the children create in the kitchen! Other natural resources found in the garden make for fun ingredients too, grass, leaves, twigs, petals, pebbles, bark, and cones all add to the fun cooking activities.

The garden and a kid’s mud kitchen is the best place for some extra messy play. Shaving foam, cornflour and slime can all be enjoyed and then the kitchen and children hosed down before coming in!

Dried food such as rice and pasta can be used too…why not try dyeing the rice different colours or cook the pasta for more interesting textures?

The Mud Kitchen is a great place to enjoy some sand play, dry or adding water to expand learning.

If you’re children are happily enjoying mud play, you can simply dig from the garden or buy a bag of topsoil. Mud is such a versatile ingredient and we guarantee fun whilst learning.


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