Mud Kitchens – helping children connect with nature through play

Because every child should make mud pies.

We designed our Mud Kitchen range to help promote and encourage children to get back to playing outside with nature. Today’s childhood is often technologically intensive, with children spending all of their free time sat in front of a screen.

Mud Kitchen play creates the opportunity to practice social skills and help children make sense of the world; to actively learn through play whilst importantly having fun.

Nearly all kids are drawn to mud and messy play. Even those that are at first less keen quickly gain confidence. Our mud kitchens and accessories provide them with an interesting, safe and contained area to encourage exploration with nature.

Research has shown that there are numerous benefits to playing with mud; encouraging creative thinking, developing positive dispositions, improving cognitive function, and building healthy immune systems. As well as making children much happier.

Mud Kitchens are the original Mud Kitchen Company and have been supplying to schools, nurseries, childminders and private homes throughout the UK for over four years

Every Mud Kitchen is hand made, hand painted and finished in our little London workshop